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Custom Peptide Synthesis

CHI Scientific offers a broad range of high quality custom peptide services from peptide synthesis(for both research and cGMP grade), and peptide modifications to high throughput peptide library synthesis. With our state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained specialists, we have delivered over 200,000 custom peptides and are fully capable of meeting the ever-increasing peptide needs in biological and drug discovery research. Since we implemented our proprietary technology platform in 2005, CHI Scientific's success rate for peptide synthesis is well above the industry standard when it comes to synthesizing peptides up to 200 AA, highly hydrophobic peptides, cyclic peptides and other difficult peptides.

Modifications: Wide range modifications list of modifications and price list of peptide modification.
Price: Review the Custom Peptide Synthesis Price List

At CHI Scientific, custom synthesized peptides are manufactured under strict quality control processes. CHI Scientific is committed to total customer satisfaction – orders can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. MS and HPLC analyses are performed for all custom peptides. QC (quality control) and QA (quality assurance) procedures are also performed by a third party to offer our customer the highest quality. Moreover, our dedicated technical scientists will keep you informed of the latest progress of your peptide's synthesis and provide consultation before and after your order.

Dedicated Technical Support:
Experienced scientists provide one-on-one consultation before and after orders.
Competitive prices: 30% below the market price.
High success rate: Our success rate for custom peptide synthesis is more than 95%; far higher than the industry's average success rate 75%.
Microwave technology: This technology increases chemical coupling efficiency and contributes to our high success rate.
Secure online platform: A fast and convenient way to check your quotations and order status.

Ordering Information
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