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DNA Mutagenesis

Site-directed mutagenesis is essential technology to life science research, including studies of gene expressing regulatory elements, DNA-protein interaction, protein structure/function, enzyme active sites, and novel proteins. CHI Scientific's site-directed mutagenesis services, powered proprietary gene synthesis technology and high performance DNA polymerase, include point mutations, deletions, and insertions.

Accuracy: CHI Scientific's high performance DNA polymerase ensures accuracy of mutants, avoiding creation of unwanted mutations.
Unlimited Sites: Using our propritary mutagenesis technology, CHI Scientific can introduce mutations at any site.
Mutation on Any Vector Backbone: Our technology is optimized to introduce mutations, insertions, and deletions on constructs as large as up to 10 kb (including target gene and its vector).
Comprehensive Service Package: We offer comprehensive upstream and downstream services, including template sequencing, expression vector construction, and protein expression and purification. Please contact our service representatives for details.

Sample Submission Requirements
The complete sequence of the template including the target gene and its vector
Mutation specifications
Maps and antibiotic resistance of the template and destination vectors
Recommended to send 4 μg of template DNA as the starting material.
Delivery Specifications
10 μg lyophilized destination vector containing the gene
Sequence verification on the mutation size (electronic)
Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)
Certificate of Analysis

Ordering Information
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