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Custom Primary Cells

 The need to isolate individual primary cells from whole tissues arises from our desire to understand the contribution of each cell type on the function of whole tissues and organs. Over the last three decades, protocols for primary cell culture have been refined and have now become an essential tool in biomedical research. Intense interest in this field has resulted in numerous published protocols for the isolation of various cell types, their culture conditions, and evaluation of their differentiation state.  Thus, primary cells isolated directly from human or animal tissues can be maintained in the differentiated state for a relatively short period (days to weeks) under standard culture conditions. Functionally, differentiated primary cell cultures have a limited life span, and although maintenance of the differentiated properties have been improved by various culture conditions and culture media additives, such as growth factors and extracellular matrix components, cell specific functions usually degrade rapidly and the cultures are not suited for experimentation. 

It is widely accepted that data obtained from primary cells is not only desired, but, most relevant when trying to study physiological interactions.  While most researchers understand this concept, they are limited to the use of cell lines that contain an undefined set of mutations and chromosomal abnormalities.  Nevertheless, the laboratories that have made the leap to primary cell cultures face additional limitations and obstacles when it comes to comparing data within experiments and between laboratories.  These difficulties arise due to the variability among the reagents used and the procedures implemented by individual laboratories to isolate and culture primary cells.  It is simply impossible to avoid such variability because, until recently, a streamlined approach for standardized primary cell culture was not available. 

With CHI’s proprietary cell culture system, PrimaCell™, we are able to provide the most competent cell culture services in the world.  Our primary cells possess such feature as the best quality with minimized unwanted cells, high degree of viability, consistence between lots.
1. Guaranteed quality:
all primary cells are guaranteed at more than 90% viability.
2. Most competitive prices: on average at least 30% less expensive than that is offered by our competitors.
3. Minimized contamination of unwanted cells: With our proprietary technology, our primary cells are delivered with minimized contaminations of unwanted cells with purity of at > 90%.
4. Specialized services: We are also offering one-stop services for customers who demand downstream cellular based experiments with the customized primary cells. 
5. Consistence: With our proprietary cell culture system, PrimaCell™, cells are cultured in relative stable micro-environment to produce highest level of consistence from batches to batches.
6. Flexible delivery formats: we offer both fresh cells in selected culture dishes and Cryogenically Frozen cells.

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