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Phosphospecific Antibody

Phospho-specific antibodies have been widely used in defining signaling pathway of  genes that control cell functions such as activation of transcript factors and proteins, cellular functions, signal transduction, and cell signaling networks. CHI Scientific provides customizable phospho-specific polyclonal and monoclonal antibody services in variety of species. Our affinity purified phospho-specific antibodies can detect phosphorylated proteins with high sensitivity from a complex mixture of proteins in cells. CHI Scientific guarantees an ELISA titer of 1:35,000 or better for polyclonal antibody and 2-3 positive clones for monoclonal antibody development if peptide antigens were designed, synthesized, and conjugated by our proprietary techniques. 

• Competitive price: Phospho-specific polyclonal antibody starting from $999.00; Phospho-specific monoclonal antibody starting from $3000.00.
• Fast turnaround: as little as 12 weeks for polyclonal antibody and 17 weeks for monoclonal antibody.
• ELISA test and Western Blot.
• Final Deliveries: flexible packages such as combination of purified antibodies and anti-sera, positive clones upon customer’s requirement.



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